Adult Bible Fellowship

We aspire to see people center their lives on Jesus Christ.

This does not happen in isolation. We offer regular times for men and women to grow together around the Word of God. Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) offers adults of all ages and stages of life an opportunity to study scripture and the topics important to Christian Living in fellowship with their brothers and sisters in a dynamic and interactive way.
Our primary series is a chronological, verse-by-verse study of the New Testament epistles. We also provide the flexibility to pursue other side topics as they are raised by the text and/or class members.
We begin each week with a time of fellowship, followed by our study time, and conclude each meeting in prayer for each other. It doesn't end there though; throughout each week there are opportunities for continued study, prayer, and interaction.

Sundays  |  9:00am  |  office building conference room

Childcare available.

New Series Starting July 16: Foundation

Enews- ABF Summer StudyThe 21st Century church has found itself once again in a time where the prevailing cultural winds are blowing away from biblical truth and are increasingly counter to Christian values. In the recent past many Christians have sought to argue against the abuses and excesses of our culture. While we may need to do this from time to time, we risk getting better at identifying what we stand against than what we stand for. Join us Sundays (9am) this summer as we interact with a great new resource: The New City CatechismWe will learn the foundational beliefs of the Church, where they find support in scripture, and discuss how we can engage our culture in a positive way.  

Join us Sundays at 9:00am to fill up your coffee and share in some fellowship before we start our study and discussion!

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